Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski were in Tokyo yesterday to promote John Wick 3. Aren’t you happy? We haven’t had much Keanu content the last few weeks. He’s here to give us joy. I know these photos are already giving you joy and you haven’t even heard the backstory yet. So here it is via Sora News 24 (I don’t know much about this website but it’s one of the few English language sites that has a good rundown of what happened at the event so I apologise in advance if it’s been offensive or has offensive content on it somewhere that I’m not aware of, please don’t cancel me if that’s the case. I will never link to them again if that’s indeed the situation). 

Keanu and Chad were joined on stage by Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. They used her song, “Ninja Re Bang Bang”, in the film, during the sushi bar scene. She presented them with flowers and she told the audience how impressed she was with the film, especially its Japanese representation. Keanu was very appreciative of Pamyu Pamyu. When it was his turn to speak, he addressed her directly:

“It’s been lovely to meet you and I was watching some of your work, which I think is so interesting, not only entertaining but also has great philosophy and heart.”

And then he told her that:

“Your ninja dress is fantastic.”

Come on! He took the time to get to know her work and gave her a compliment on her fashion. WHAT MORE CAN THIS MAN GIVE?!

Speaking of ninjas though, a real ninja ended up coming out to demo some ninja moves. As you can see, Keanu was very serious about doing the moves, and performed them enthusiastically, complete with facial expressions. I can’t see how the crowd reacted but I can’t imagine they hated it. I’m pretty sure they were wild for it. 

And that’s what you get from Keanu Reeves. He’s not too cool for anything, he doesn’t put being cool above entertainment, which is why he is, actually the coolest.