Dear Gossips, 

Kim Cattrall has been in New York this week. Yesterday she moderated a panel at the Swiping America event and also appeared on The View to promote her new show, Glamorous, which premiered on Netflix last week about a makeup influencer who becomes the assistant to makeup mogul played, naturally, by Kim. 


In the role of the influencer is Miss Benny who earlier this week came out as trans in an essay for TIME: 

TIME is also where Elliot Page chose to share his coming out story two years ago. And it was nine years ago in 2014 that TIME published the cover story “The Transgender Tipping Point” with Laverne Cox on the front page, declaring trans rights “America’s next civil rights frontier”. 


Nearly a decade later, in a piece published last week, McKenzie Wark wrote about the cost of trans visibility because while we have seen more space created for trans people to tell their stories over the last ten years, those (still limited) opportunities have been accompanied by backlash and violence. Trans people are still among the most vulnerable and targeted members of society. And in the United States, there are over 400 bills being considered that would do even greater harm to the trans community. Now, more than ever, the organisations that support and protect the 2SLGBTQ+ community need our help. As we near the end of Pride Month, let’s keep those organisations in the foreground. 

I’ll start today with Pflag Canada, a national charitable organisation founded by parents working to help understand and accept their 2SLGBTQ+ children. What I love about Pflag is that they give people the space to learn, acknowledging that there will be questions, even confusion, but the baseline is always love and the opportunity for conversation is always there. 


Pflag has local chapters across Canada. Please click here to find the closest one near you. 


As for Kim, she was asked about her return as Samantha Jones yesterday while on The View. And what she did, strategically, was make her answer all about Patricia Field. She’d been talking about Pat prior to that point in the conversation because Pat also styled her on Glamorous and they obviously have an amazing relationship. 

Pat, by the way, is not the costume designer on And Just Like That. But bringing her back, along with Samantha, became one of Kim’s conditions: 

“It’s very interesting to get a call from the head of HBO saying, what can we do? and I went, ‘Hmm. Let me get creative. And one of those things was to get Field back, because I just thought that if I’m going to come back I gotta come back with that Samantha style, I gotta push it. And we did.”

Samantha’s scene is just a phone call and she’s apparently in the car. Not sure how much of her outfit we’re really going to see, but even for a shot that’s that short, Kim wanted to get her girl paid…because she was evidently getting paid too! 


I appreciate that mention of “the head of HBO”, just to remind all of us – the top executive at the network had to call her to personally make the request, in addition to writing the cheque. 


Yours in gossip,