I’m behind schedule today and you can blame it on Barry Keoghan because he f-cked my morning with his new GQ cover story. That’s coming when I can fully get my sh-t back together. 


For now, let’s begin with these new photos of Keira Knightley who became mega-famous (and is still very famous) over 20 years ago (what is time, wtf) but keeps a much lower profile these days. 

Keira was seen on the set of Black Doves in London. It takes place during Christmas and when you think Keira + Christmas, your mind might go Love Actually. This, of course, is not what Keira’s doing. For starters, Black Dove is a Netflix series, six episodes. It’s definitely her first Netflix series and, I believe, her first television series in the streaming age; she started her career with television parts in the UK but we know her primarily in film. As we have seen, however, increasingly over the last 15 years or so, there’s really no distinction anymore and, arguably, series is where character work can actually be more developed. 


But Black Doves is also not a rom-com. This show has been classified as a thriller – Keira plays Helen, a politician’s wife and a spy working for a mysterious organisation called Black Doves. When her lover is killed, she and her best friend, Ben Whishaw, set out to find out what happened to him and, obviously, not die in the process. They’re calling it a story of “friendship and sacrifice”. So maybe it is a rom-com, like a friendship rom-com. I’m down for this. Very much looking forward to Keira and Ben becoming one of the internet’s favourite BFFs.

Want to get nostalgic for a minute? In 2004, 20 years ago, Keira and Jamie Dornan were still a thing. Look at these babies!

Keira Knightely and Jamie Dornan attend the relaunch of Asprey's flagship London store at its New Bond Street location on May 18, 2004 in London