Keira Knightley today in London for the Laurence Olivier Theatre Awards nominee luncheon. Keira as you know has been working in the West End in The Misanthrope, trying out some stage experience in between films.

She's photographed every day in and out of the theatre, always wearing the same clothes, never wanting to give them anything fresh. But they're still there night after night.

It was a low profile year for Knightley but that should change soon with the release Never Let Me Go also starring current British darling Carey Mulligan with whom Knightley also co-starred in Pride & Prejudice. I LOVED this book SO much. Call me crazy but I loved it more than Remains of the Day. Why does it scare me that Alex Garland wrote the screenplay?

Never Let Me Go is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Please please Shiloh please let it not suck.

My anxiety is temporarily assuaged by the coat. Porn! Lately it's been all about coats since I shot so much outside during the Olympics. They grey one several of you asked about yesterday in those photos with Evan Lysacek is from ADD. Am also very much in long with a brown leather trench I picked up at M0851. A good investment. Will last forever.

Sometimes Keira's "serenity smile" makes me want to punch her in the face. Oh hush. Wanting and doing, totally different.

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