Isn’t this the most Keira Knightley outfit ever? I love it. I love that Keira Knightley knows exactly what a Keira Knightley outfit is and wanted to wear a super Keira Knightley outfit to receive her OBE for her contribution to the arts, which often involve her in period piece. 

This is Chanel, of course. Which is why the tailoring is so precise, so perfect. Otherwise, with these colours, and the accessories, it could go wrong, and by wrong I mean tacky and cheap. This outfit does not at all look tacky and cheap or kitschy. It fits beautiful. It’s appropriate to the occasion. And it reflects her personality. Classic lines…with quirk. The quirk is in the hat and the pearly pink belt and the black ribbon at the neck and the undone hair. Right? If the hair had been “coiffed” it would have been a different thing. That’s the balance, and how she’s making it hers.