Keith Urban’s hair is hilarious. I laugh every time I see it. It’s not a proper hairstyle for a grown-ass man whose name is not Justin Bieber. He constantly looks like a dude who almost made it into O-Town and walks around Orlando telling strangers about that time he was almost in a boy band. The middle part with the hair evenly distributed on each side is always befuddling. Are they bangs or not? Make up your mind, Keith. But sure, OK, the balayage is very pretty. I will give him that. I am doing a deep dive into Keith’s hair because of this story in the Daily Mail.

Keith Urban was on a radio show where they showed him a photo of him and Nicole Kidman in 2005. He called the style “a little Zoolander.” This is the hair era in question:

THEY LOOK THE SAME. Keith’s hair is a bit shorter now but the balayage highlights are still on point and the middle part is still in full effect. If he’s embarrassed by this style, HOW is he not embarrassed by what he’s currently rocking? I am so confused. Aside from the colour, Nicole’s hair hasn’t changed either. She’s usually the same length, with a bit of a beachy wave or a classy updo. As for Keith, I’m assuming he was referring to Owen Wilson’s Hansel hairstyle in Zoolander but honestly, I like it better. At least Hansel fully commits to his bangs! 

Keith and Nicole will most likely be at the Oscars together on Sunday. Nicole is presenting and we know that they’ve never met a red carpet they didn’t want to PDA all over. I’m excited to see their super updated and not-at-all the same 2005 “Zoolander” hairstyles.