Keith Urban was named Male Artist of the Year last night at the ACM Awards. He also won Entertainer of the Year, the first of his career, after winning the same award six months ago at the CMAs, also for the first time. And, of course, “Baby Girl” Nicole Kidman was at his side to celebrate. Remember what I said about Keith and the “baby” thing a couple of weeks ago? Every other word is “Baby Girl”! There was a lot of “Baby Girl” on stage during his acceptance speech. You know what though? I believe it. I believe that this is their Love Language. Some couples are “hold me” couples. I have never in my life asked someone to “hold me”. I don’t think I could get the words out. But that’s me. Which is why Jacek and I work. Because he’s not a “hold me” person either. Nicole and Keith are totally “hold me” people. And by that I mean he probably needs to be held as much as she does – and again, that’s their Love Language, whatever works for them is clearly working for them. 

You think they also get tuned up together? They look like they’re fresh off a tune-up too. Everything is tight and fresh. If and when I’m ever ready for my tweaks – whatever they are, Botox, fillers, lifts – I can tell you for sure Jacek and I won’t be doing his-and-her visits even though, ahem, he might need it more than I do since he’s white and sometimes doesn’t remember to use sunscreen. More and more men are doing it though. In show business, the men have been on it forever. In real life, it’s a growing business demographic. Which is why we should all just talk about it more. Tell me who you’re going to and what you got done – share the knowledge, tips, tricks, hacks, all of it! When it’s my time, because FOR SURE I’m getting sh-t done, I’m talking about all of it.