Dear Gossips,   

Keke Palmer hosted SNL over the weekend and lost amongst the headlines that she confirmed her pregnancy during her monologue, is that this is one of the best episodes of SNL all year. Keke is funny, Keke can play, Keke also has a delivery that sounds like nothing and no one else that elevates even mediocre sketches into something special. Several of the sketches throughout the night paired her with Cecily Strong, who tends to rely more on delivery for laughs, too, which made for one of the year's strongest episodes of SNL.


Keke’s instincts don’t miss, and they didn’t miss all night. The writing was mid-to-good for the whole episode, but Keke elevated every sketch, as she elevates everything just by showing up. She’s a natural-born performer, she knows how to work a room. That was in evidence during her monologue, with the buildup to her pregnancy reveal. 


Congrats to Keke and whatever man she is spending time with, I refuse to google him, I just know it’s not Drake, or Timothee Chalamet, who might be crushed. He was straight up TRYING IT at the Met Gala last year, but Keke would not be deterred from doing her job by a pretty pool noodle in a tuxedo. 



I love her so much for just moving on when he goes all dreamy-eyed at her. Anyway, condolences to Timothee Chalamet on missing out. Okay, I just abandoned my principles and googled it, and Keke is dating an actor named Darius Jackson. I wonder what information was just deleted from my brain to absorb that new information. 

Keke’s big year doesn’t end with SNL, though, as it was announced she will star in an action comedy called Moxie, about an exotic dancer who becomes an FBI agent. So, it’s a reverse Miss Congeniality? Consider my interest piqued. Keke Palmer had a big year—can she cap it off by manifesting a Best Supporting Actress nomination?—but she’s set up to have a big decade, period, as she starts stepping into leading roles in high-profile productions. I hope the 2020s are full of Keke doing Keke things. I am very much looking forward to the Keke Palmer Era.

Live long and gossip,