Dear Gossips,   

The content here exactly a week from today will be wall-to-wall Emmys, as they take place on Monday 15 January. 


Two nights ago, however, on the same night as the Golden Globes, it was the Creative Arts Emmys, where Keke Palmer became the first woman in 15 years and the first Black host to win the Emmy for Outstanding Host for a Game Show for hosting Password. What a great start to her year – and starting it in the most Keke way possible; “Big Boss” is Keke’s handle, she always keeps it moving, as Duana just texted to me this morning, “she kept the heat on”. 


I mention Duana because Duana always knew. Ten years ago, back in 2014, is when Duana first started writing here about Keke and the whole point of that post was to say, hey, wake up everybody, stop sleeping on Keke Palmer. And she certainly wasn’t sleeping on Keke Palmer when she posted about her again the following year after she was announced to join the cast of Grease Live. 

So to go back to Keke winning the Emmy for hosting… well… not surprisingly, Duana’s crystal ball foretold that too. Because remember when Keke hosted the Met Gala red carpet in 2021? As Duana wrote that night, it was a master class. She makes it look easy, because she’s so f-cking good, but that’s an insult to the job – hosting is a high degree of difficulty, not anyone can do it. Look at what happens during award shows, when actors struggle with a teleprompter, just because someone is famous and can play a character, or can edit TikToks, doesn’t mean they can step in essentially as the conductor on camera in a studio or on a carpet and hold it all together. 


Being a game show host is my professional dream, seriously, but no one in Canada will give me a job hosting a game show. Not that I think I can be anywhere near as smooth as Keke is in the role. But I do study her just in case, one day. 

Yours in gossip,