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Let’s talk about Keke Palmer’s style. Because the looks she’s been serving on the Nope press tour have been fire – and it’s not over yet. Keke and Daniel Kaluuya are now promoting the film in Europe. Here she is in neon yellow Prada in Rome the other night: 


It’s the second time she’s been in neon yellow. Just before Nope opened, Keke was in New York and it was Christopher John Rogers and AMAZING: 


Keke is now working again with Wayman and Micah who also collaborate with Tessa Thompson, so far this summer’s style winner. They first worked together from 2014-2016 when she was hosting Just Keke on BET and Keke, knowing the impact of Nope and what a heatscore the movie would be, reunited with them to maximise the moment. The results have been SO good. That corset she wore for the LA premiere is one of the best of the year so far: 


And, again, there will be more. Can’t wait to see what she and Wayman and Micah have planned for the London premiere tomorrow night. 

Plus, of course, her recent feature in British Vogue. Keke’s already accomplished a lot in her career and now she’s also making her case as a fashion superstar. 

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