This, I think, is my all-time favourite Kelly Clarkson red carpet moment ever. What an amazing black dress. And that’s a lot for me, because I normally hate the sheer and lace sh-t that’s on so many, too many, dresses. Here, though, I think it works because the sheer and lace sh-t isn’t being used here to “sexify” the piece, and basically inch it closer to nakedness, but rather to provide more coverage. And as a result it’s made an otherwise ordinary dress quite special. Take away the sheer and lace sh-t, what do you have? A black dress with a plunging neckline and a Roland Mouret silhouette. With the lace? The longer cap sleeves really stand out. The high neckline is so flattering. This is a dress you remember. 

And I’m into the hair choice and the makeup, how she resisted the urge to go with a red lip, which would have been option basic, and kept it simple with the jewels, although the earrings are probably the one weak spot in the entire look. I’m not sold on these being the best choice.