Remember when Kelly Marie Tran almost quit acting and then, a year later, she was cast in Star Wars: The Last Jedi? And now she’s presenting at the Oscars!?!

Rose Tico!

At the Oscars!

There are some people who weren’t feeling the Rose Tico and Finn storyline in The Last Jedi. I am not one of those people. I loved what happened in Canto Bight and what that told us about the Star Wars universe. Because it’s an entire universe. If the goal is to world-build beyond the original characters, I want to see how the universe works, as many elements of the intergalactic society as possible, the workers in addition to the heroes. All of that was facilitated through Rose as a corollary to the theme of The Last Jedi which is that specialness does not have to come from legacy. 

It’s pretty f-cking special that Kelly Marie Tran was at the Oscars. Look at this twirl:


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You think Kelly Marie Tran would have minded being asked who she was wearing? F-ck no. And no, I’m not going to stop bitching about this. About the people who are all like, don’t ask me about my clothes, how dare you. Because there are some people who’ve never had the opportunity until now. And those are the people, like Kelly, who shout out the stylists and the industry professionals who helped them get there: 


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Kelly presented with Mark Hamill and Oscar Isaac last night. That’s a pretty boss trio: Rose Tico, Poe Dameron, and Luke f-cking Skywalker. You don’t really need much else. Right? WHY WOULD YOU NEED ANYTHING ELSE? 



Guess who just haaaaaad to go to the Oscars? 

Who else? 

What do I keep telling you about this droid, the Kardashian of droids? 

Of course BB-8 was there. And of course he demanded to be petted. 

Duana and I are currently losing our minds about this right now while Kathleen’s voice has gone up about 10 octaves about the cuteness. Millennials. WHAT CUTENESS. 

Can you imagine R2 rolling up to Luke and insisting on a belly scratch? F-ck no. He’d rather be thrown into a trash compactor. It’s beneath him. And, frankly, I’m liking Oscar a little less for indulging this sh-t.