Dear Gossips,

As I’ve written about several times already, I loved The Last Jedi, I loved the Rose Tico and Finn parts in The Last Jedi, and I love Rose Tico. I love what Rose Tico did. Which was to introduce us to the greater Star Wars world. Because to move the story forward, it can’t just be about a Big Bad in a mask vs our favourites. We’ve done the simple and generic – and basic as f-ck – good vs evil thing. What we need now is to understand the depth of that evil and how it’s more than just a mask. It has to be what that mask represents: systemic oppression that supports institutionalised greed, resulting in resource depletion and loss of life. THAT is the real Big Bad, way more sinister than some old f-ck in a robe with a crooked finger.

And this is why Rose is so critical to the narrative – it was through Rose that we were shown the devastating effects of the First Order’s corruption and abuse of power on the rest of the galaxy. And that is, really, what the rebels are fighting and ultimately why we are here. Show is always better than tell, it’s a fundamental storytelling principle. Since Rose is part of that fundamental, it makes her vital, essential, critical. It makes her the heart and the soul. And Kelly Marie Tran played her perfectly. 

Yesterday Kelly Marie Tran deleted all her Instagram posts. She’s not confirmed the reason but most believe it’s because certain Star Wars fans are still pissy about her character, about the movie, about… wait… no… cancel that explanation. Any explanation here can be seen as a rationalisation for their behaviour. And there really is no way to rationalise so we’ll take that again: 

Certain Star Wars fans are assholes. 

For Kelly Marie Tran, taking herself off social media was an act of self-care. As Rose said: 

“That’s how we’re gonna win. Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love.” 

And isn’t that the essence of the Force? Isn’t that what Star Wars is all about? 

Kelly Marie Tran understands it better than anyone else. 

Yours in gossip,