Drake performed in LA this weekend and all kinds of celebrities turned up – at both the show and his afterparty. On Saturday night Shakira was actually seen leaving Drake’s post-concert bash. They left separately but it was “within minutes of each other” so now people are wondering whether or not they’re a thing. I mean, I could totally see Drake wanting it to be a thing. But that would mean Shaki and Lewis Hamilton not being a thing. It’s been quiet on that front for weeks now. 


As for the celebrities at his show(s), the stars getting the most attention right now are Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Bad Bunny. Kim was seen taking photos of Kendall and Benito in their section: 


This, frankly, is the only Kardashian-Jenner gossip I care about, even though some are all up in the whole Drake-Kanye-Kim mess. Let that sh-t sit in the past because, as much as some people don’t want to hear about this, Kendall and Benito remain in the present. And this is about as extra as they’ve been since they started dating six months ago. 


Look at these two all over each other. 


Unpopular celebrity couples have a way of wearing people down, it’s basic familiarity – you get used to something and over time it just becomes normalised. Have Kendall and Benito worn you down yet? 

Also attached - Kendall out with friends on the weekend and Drake at the after party for his concert.