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After a two year pause, Glastonbury happened this weekend with Kendrick Lamar headlining the final night of the festival performing a furiously powerful and provocative set that included tracks from his latest album Mr Morale & The Bigsteppers and now classics, “HUMBLE.” and of course “Alright” among them. 


Wearing a diamond crown of thorns, as blood poured down his face, Kendrick ended on Savior – here are  the final moments of his performance: 

Kendrick’s Christian faith is a common theme in his music. He stood on his stage as a man of faith, but also as one of the most high-profile artists in music, the only rapper to have won the Pulitzer prize, declaring his support for women’s rights, reproductive rights, human rights. Watch Kendrick’s full performance of “Savior” at Glastonbury here.


He wasn’t the only artist to tell forced birthers and the Supreme Court of the United States to f-ck themselves at Glastonbury. Olivia Rodrigo brought out Lily Allen and together they dedicated Lily’s “F-ck You” to the five justices, by name, who are telling women they can’t make choices for their own bodies. 

And at the BET Awards last night, multiple artists spoke out in support of reproductive rights because Friday’s decision triggered an immediate emergency for many woman across the US. There are 13 states with trigger laws that came into effect the moment SCOTUS brought down Roe v Wade which means that abortions were immediately halted at clinics across the nation. Women who had appointments were turned away and had to scramble to find alternatives, figure out where they can travel, figure out how they’ll make up the added cost – and it’s a time-sensitive situation to begin with! In some cases, if they can’t figure all that sh-t out, they may have to consider the unthinkable that may result in permanent physical harm and/or even death. And it's women in underserved communities and Black, Brown, and Indigenous women who will suffer the most from this decision.    


So I’ll repost what Sarah wrote in What Else? on Friday. 

Electronic Frontier Foundation has a hub for reproductive rights, which include links to digital safety tips for both those seeking abortions and those providing them or offering support services. Given how many new state laws include language about bounties and civil search, PLEASE take the time to safeguard your information in this new, terrible, soul-crushing normal.”

And here’s a link from The Cut with a database to help people find abortion services. 

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