Dear Gossips, 

Today is Prince Louis’ second birthday. To mark the occasion, Kensington Palace has released new photos of the little guy taken by his mother early this month, when he was painting encouragement portraits to send to the National Health Service. 


Of course he’s adorable. SO cute. 

As we know, Prince William and Catherine have recently stepped up their social media game. Take a look at this caption below:

Look at the Cambridges all hip with the social media lingo!


You know what kills me though? Royal children play clothes. Like, even during play time, when it’s messy, and there’s paint all over the place, and he’s a toddler so you know he’s running around like a maniac leaving destruction in his wake, they still have to dress him in a perfectly pressed button-down shirt. No shade to the parents – these are the protocols they have to observe in their position. 

In that shot of Louis with the paint smeared all over his face though and the expression he’s making, he looks so much like his big brother Big G, non? 

I don’t think we talked enough about that video that was posted nearly a month ago of Big G with Charlotte and Louis clapping for the NHS. My favourite moment is towards the end when Louis looks up first at Big G and then turns his head to look at his big sister, continuing to copy what they’re doing. Right now they are his idols. 

Yours in gossip,