Trey’s christening portraits

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There was a lot of royal gossip that happened this weekend. Let’s start with the good news before we get into the trash – Kensington Palace released the official Prince Louis christening portraits that were taken earlier this month. We’ll begin with the full team. 

Here are Prince Charles and Camilla with the Cambridges, the Sussexes, and the Middletons. Big G is in good spirits which must have been a relief for everyone. Princess Charlotte, as you can see, is already an expert poser – left shoulder angled forward, hand on the knee, half smile and that expression on her face like, don’t worry, everyone, I got this. I LOVE HER. 

Here’s the royal-only portrait and, once again, Charlotte is the star, looking away from the camera to focus on her baby brother, his hand in hers. Like I said, she’s got this. She’s got him. 

And here are the Cambridge Five – Charlotte’s working on her power stance while… Big G’s smile is starting to wane. He’s over it now. Remember, this kid is only third in line. 

From there Trey gets his own moments with his ma and these are the best shots we’ve seen of his face so far which…look…at that age, to me, they all look the same. Don’t pretend you’ll be able to connect these photos to the ones of him when he gets older in a few years. I won’t believe you. 


I’m impressed by the headgear that’s happening here on Kate though. Very Tudor. Which I did not notice on the day. In these pictures though it’s especially pronounced. We know that she chooses the children’s clothes to acknowledge the past. Was this simply a style decision or is there subtle style strategy happening here? 

Twitter/ Kensington Palace

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