There weren’t a lot of fashion risks last night at the Globes. Few people really went for it, you know? So big ups to Kerry Washington because this Altuzarra look was definitely not safe. There’s no safety when you’re basically just wearing a suit jacket with nothing underneath but a body rope. Like you have to really, really trust your fashion tape. And the design. Duana and I have been trying to CSI this thing for several minutes and her theory is that the jacket and the rope are connected underneath so that the rope acts like an anchor, restricting the jacket from opening. 

Whatever architecture and wizardry is going on here, there’s no way this works if you don’t commit, if you don’t wear the f-ck out of it confidently – no fear, no worries, no slouching. That’s how Kerry carried herself last night and it’s the only way to do it if you’re going to make this decision: you can’t be afraid. Which is why she looks so f-cking good…even though I have a bit of a problem with the skirt. 

It’s not a great material, is it? The jacket fabric is doing its job and it’s so luxe, so dark and thick, and the puckered shine of the fabric on the bottom just doesn’t work quite as well. You can see it in the way it’s not quite sitting the way it should around her waist, and it almost cheapens how rich and solid the look is up top. 

I also don’t think it needed the slit? I mean, there’s already a lot going on above the waist with the rope and all that skin. Having the slit so pronounced on that one side almost throws the whole thing off-balance, right?