I am ordinarily not a fan of taffeta. There are better materials, less limiting materials. Taffeta can usually only be one thing – a princess prom gown which… I mean the princess prom gown, I guess, has stood the test of time, so I suppose it will never go away – but when you’re on a red carpet, why not graduate out of the prom? 

That said, if it has to be taffeta, black taffeta is probably the least offensive because it can absorb and dull the light and make the dents that inevitably show up on taffeta less obvious. And if it HAS to be black taffeta, then this dress on Kerry Washington is the very best way to do it. Probably the most special taffeta dress we’ve seen in a long, long time. It fits perfectly up top. And it leans into the taffeta-ness of it by creating the bubble, on purpose, around her waist instead of trying to suppress the volume, the way most taffeta dresses try unsuccessfully to do. All the other details are perfect too: hair, makeup, jewels, I love this look on her so much.