It’s always a good day when there are new photos of Kerry Washington. She always delivers that GIMME DAT style porn. Here she is in New York City this morning for her appearance on Good Morning America.

Give me all of it. Both coats. Both pairs of sunglasses. The floral pants with the aqua pumps? I’ll be over here crafting my latest Sasha Finds request. Gimme! Also, this hair! I’m giving up my curls in a few days to put my hair in twists again because I can’t be bothered to get my sh-t together in the mornings anymore but looking at Kerry with this hair makes me miss them already. 

Kerry was at GMA to talk Scandal, her upcoming projects and promote her new line of makeup for Neutrogena. The line of Essential Eye and Cheek palettes consists of five shades. Maiysha Kai at The Glow Up writes that the “shades promise to be melanin friendly.” This is a problem, especially for cheek makeup like blushes or highlighters. Everything is so damn light that if I get the wrong shade, it looks like I got cheek-slapped by some lightly pink-tinted talcum powder. ‬‬

Even makeup lines that offer a range of shades for foundation often forget that the shade-range needs to apply to the rest of the face too. Kerry Washington has been a Neutrogena spokesperson and creative consultant for years and she’s made it her mission to make sure the brand provides inclusive makeup. If you’re like me and you’ve blown all of your makeup budget in the past few months on Fenty, this collection is going to be a problem. While Fenty is focused on glitter bombs right now, this line is all about the natural look. 

Another cute detail: Each color on the palette is named after Kerry’s favourite personality traits: Brilliant, Confident, Flirty, Focused, Powerful, Grateful, Captivating and Elegant. FINE, Kerry Washington, take all my money.

The second last episode of Scandal airs tomorrow. I’m READY.