My head is spinning. Because I think this might be the second time in a matter of weeks that I’ve namechecked Lala Kent who is someone on Vanderpump Rules, a show I’ve never watched. And not only am I namechecking her, I’m doing it in association with Jennifer Lawrence who may not be having a great week at the box office. Red Sparrow isn’t doing all that great. And the reviews haven’t been great. And now she’s in some of kind fight with a Vanderpump. Are Vanderpumps going to become Kardashians? Would it have happened already if it was possible? Do I need to care about this? Is Jennifer Lawrence to blame for it? (Dlisted)  

Oh my God, I did not see this on Oscar night. And I wish I could go back to completely missing it – Kerry Washington at the Vanity Fair Oscar party on Sunday night. And this is surprising because Kerry’s given us some great steeze lately. So I don’t know how this happened. The best part of this outfit is her hair. Everything else, from the earrings to the leather dress to whatever it is hanging off one shoulder to the boots is tacky. It’s House Of Dereon. Well, it’s not. But it totally could be, non? (Go Fug Yourself)  

Meghan Markle’s half sister’s ex-husband (I think I got that right but I’m not sure and, frankly, I haven’t slept much in 5 days and I don’t think I need to waste energy on learning this family tree) is talking sh-t about his ex-wife. So… I think? I think he might be on Meghan’s side? Although if he really was on her side, he might want to consider shutting the f-ck up because now we’re talking about her rogue relatives and the mess of people she’s related to and this is definitely not the conversation she wants to be having 8 weeks away from her wedding. (Cele|bitchy) 

Remember back in the day you weren’t supposed to eat too many eggs? I can’t remember the number. The point is that when I was growing up and in early adulthood, over-egging was a dietary caution, like cholesterol or something. Have they relaxed that rule? I wouldn’t and never cared because I’m big on eggs. I eat at least 7 eggs a week, minimum, on average around 10. So eggs matter a lot to me. I like them runny-scrambled. Or sunny side. Or Benedict, depending on my mood. And my omelets have to have mushrooms and a strong cheese. Here’s a quiz about omelets which is basically my fantasy since I love eggs and I love quizzes. This quiz tells me I’m a flirty drunk. Not accurate. I don’t like people, when I’m sober or when I’m drunk. (Buzzfeed) 

Tom Ford’s new eye shadow collection, unfortunately, is not for me. I rarely wear eye shadow. A thick, black liner works fine for my eye because I don’t have a ridge. You need a good ridge to make eye shadow work and this is the mistake that’s made with inexperienced makeup artists doing Asian eyes. Too many people think that you can make up an Asian eye the way you make up other eyes, taking the shadow all the way to the brow. To me, when you take the shadow all the way to the brow on an Asian eye without a ridge, meaning there’s no depth and dimension, just a flat surface, it’s never subtle. It’s always too much. And when you throw in these “extra” colours the way Tom Ford is, the blending becomes harder. (The Cut) 

This look on Amanda Seyfried was my hair inspiration today. It’s how my ma used to wear her hair in her 30s. Except do you see how on each side of Amanda’s part, they didn’t slick it all the way down, leaving loose pieces bumping up? I prefer it to be pushed down tight all the way and then secured with jeweled clips. It’s pretty, non? Disco curls are back and there are so many ways to wear them. SO great for summer. (Vogue)