Not that this should be any surprise but the golddigging famewhoring KFed Jr is apparently addicted to reading about himself on the blogs.

My blog!

Thanks to all of you who emailed after seeing him being interviewed last night on E!'s Daily Ten - he actually REFERRED to the fact that his real name is KFed Jr and that "someone" started calling him that soon after he managed to swindle that hag and her bank account into marrying him.

Yeah bitch, that would be me.

Except I didn't christen you soon after you walked out on your family. When you walked out on your family I had no idea who the f-ck you were. It was only after your scandal broke and the two of you started slapping us in the face with such relentless attention-seeking desperation that we had no choice but to acknowledge the existence of a new parasite in the star ecosystem sucking the style force out of celebrity.

Anyway, Junior made the most of his camera time by analysing his identity: why is he the lesser Federline? He claims KFed is a great father and as such the KFed Jr moniker is a compliment.

Of course, like Ebola Hilton, whenever Jr sees sh-t he can someone turn it into gold. Only he could manage to interpret his own name as an homage to parenthood rather than a nod to his golddiggery.

After waxing on Federline, Jr then proceeded to completely lose his f-cking mind, daring to entertain the possibility of having something in common with the Brange, something about children...


Sit DOWN Kevin Federline Junior!

Please. The only thing Junior is worthy of doing around Brad Pitt is hanging up his coat. And only barely at that.

Here's loser trying to be man man riding his bike up and down the street yesterday. It broke down at some point. Sucky how machinery isn't quite attuned to operating efficiently when the paps have been called in advance, non?

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