When Disney swallowed Fox whole almost two years ago, there were many questions about what it would mean for the industry, for the library of Fox films, and other business things. What nerds cared about, though, was what would happen to the X-Men, especially Deadpool, since he is 1) the most popular X-Man at this point, and 2) carries an R rating, which is not exactly Disney friendly. Kevin Feige, though, is finally here with some answers. While promoting WandaVision, he talked to Collider about Deadpool 3 and confirmed that the film will be both rated R, and fully integrated into the MCU. Of course, Ryan Reynolds had an on-brand Twitter response:

This is good news for two reasons. One, keeping the R rating keeps the spirit of the character intact. Deadpool should always have the flexibility to be full-on profane and violent. And two, making him part of the MCU means we can get a much wished-for Spider-Man/Deadpool cross-over event. Watch Tom Holland extend his contract for one more film in order to accommodate that, either by appearing in Deadpool 3 or by doing a fourth Spider-Man just to have Deadpool show up. (They should also find a way to adapt Hawkeye vs. Deadpool with the good Hawkeye, Kate Bishop.) As for when we can expect Deadpool 3, Feige said that Bob’s Burgers writers and real-life sisters Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin are working on the script, but they don’t expect to film until at least 2022. So it’s still going to be a wait for the next installment of Deadpool. 

Another reason to be glad of Deadpool bringing an R rating to the MCU: Blade. We learned last year that Mahershala Ali will take over as Blade, but we’re still waiting to see it. Like Deadpool, the spirit of Blade is R-rated, but because the MCU is fanatically PG-13, people wondered what that would mean for Blade. Well, if Deadpool can get an R rating in here, then Blade should be able to as well. I don’t think anyone was interested in a PG-13 Blade, so this is good news for the future of Mahershala Ali in the MCU, too.