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Remember when Kevin Hart was caught at the witching hour in Miami in a car with an attractive woman outside a hotel? Afterwards he blamed the media for exaggerating the situation. For making up stories. Because celebrities are so unfairly put upon. And now? Now it’s his bank account on the line. Now he’s offering a public apology. Now he’s only human, imperfect. In another month we’ll be hearing again about how the media lies. (Dlisted)

You know I would never be mad at more Mimi, more Mimi TV. But only if it means that, long-term, it works for Mimi. Only if Mimi is well. And…. well… I’m not sure this is what’s happening. I’m worried about our Mimi. Mimi hasn’t really taken a break – like a Mimi standard break, not a real person break, because her entire life is a real person break – since it ended with James Packer. There was a lot of bank to make up, I understand. But the butterfly, I can feel her. She’s tired. (Jezebel) 

I posted earlier about Allison Janney and Anna Faris. The Emmys were Anna’s first major award show since she separated from Chris Pratt. The paps ran into Chris on Emmy Sunday. He gave a very conscious uncoupling response. And is still one of her best publicists. (Just Jared) 

We saw a lot of silver sequins last night at the Emmys. And it was kinda low key on colour, right? Here’s how Gugu Mbatha-Raw is taking upon herself to address that – while keeping on theme, if the theme was, indeed, metallic. Yellow sparkles. It’s almost lime, right? Bright without being obnoxious. And so fresh. (Cele|bitchy) 

Lea Michele wore Elie Saab last night. Dark purple. I know it’s almost fall, it’s fall season colours, fall season fashion. But I’m not feeling it yet. This would be better at the Globes. But she doesn’t know if she’s going to Globes. If you’re Nicole Kidman you can bank dresses. Even if she’s not going to go as a nominee, they’ll ask her to go to as a presenter. These are not guarantees for everyone. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Jacek, Emily, and I went to see mother! on Saturday. It was the biggest, most obvious, try-hard waste of time amateur film and the deserves the CinemaScore F it received. What I’m saying is that mother! should be in last place on this list. (Vulture)