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Thank you for your support of The Squawk yesterday! Can’t tell you how much it means to us that so many of you have already subscribed and how much fun it was to gossip with you all in real time in the chats. You all have a LOT of thoughts about Taylor Swift’s potential romances. I’m excited and scared to see what you’re going to say when I write about Meghan Markle in an upcoming newsletter. Yes, that’s coming. And yes, that’s my shameless tease to get you to subscribe to The Squawk which you can do here


Now let’s get to today’s business. It is the first day of TIFF 2023. Sarah is now in Toronto and will be posting about her TIFF strategy this year later this morning at The Squawk. Last night we met up for dinner with Kathleen. And it was as if Jodie Turner-Smith could hear us talking about her and Joshua Jackson because she posted this: 


Jodie and Joshua were at NY Fashion Week as J.Crew ambassadors for their 40th anniversary event. There’s been some speculation on and off about how they’re doing. Last night, clearly, they were fine. We can proceed in peace!

Anyway, Jodie and Joshua were part our conversation about celebrity couples, because were looking at the Taylor Swift Gossip Genie chat on The Squawk and what some people were saying about how celebrities handle it when one person in the relationship is way more famous than the other, which would always be the case with Taylor. 

The platinum card model for the stars who do it right in this case? Tom Holland and Zendaya. Like Tom Holland is a big deal on his own. He is Peter Parker Spider-Man. But that’s not how Tom sees himself, LOL. Tom Holland has figured it out and has happily accepted the truth and lives by it: that it doesn’t get any better than Zendaya and he should spend the rest of his days in appreciation. 


It’s basically this TikTok that Kathleen sent me to start the day, right at 7am: 


Hes starstruck every time, he really loves that girl #zendaya #renaissance #renaissanceworldtour #tomholland

♬ What You Won't Do for Love - Bobby Caldwell

We LOVE this about Tom Holland. Never, ever change Tom Holland!

Attached - Jodie Turner-Smith at a park in LA last month.

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