Not five minutes after I hit “send” on my post today about the Met Gala and who’ll cover the May – and Met – issue of Vogue, speculating about whether or not it would be Lady Gaga, in keeping with tradition, or my brilliant idea of having Gaga and Madonna on the cover together… well… it turns out none of the above. Kim Kardashian just got her first solo Vogue cover and did she have to promise to become a lawyer to make it happen?! (Vogue)

Camilla Cabello is your new Cinderella. It’s good casting. She’s has the Cinderella sparkle. And we’ve seen how she looks in a ball gown. She wears a lot of ball gown-y dresses. So now the question is: who’s Prince Charming? (Dlisted) 

Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton are on the cover of the new issue of Cosmopolitan to promote The Sun Is Also a Star, a movie I’m going to watch the sh-t out of. I already know I’m going to love it. I can tell you right now – if I loved A Walk to Remember, what are the chances I’m not going to be obsessed with The Sun is Also a Star? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Hailey Baldwin uses a moisturiser that’s made with her own blood. Excuse me? Don’t get me wrong – I’m not grossed out and I’m not bothered, I’m INTERESTED. I want. To try. Is there a sign-up sheet for this? What are the benefits? I am open to hearing about the benefits. There are sperm facials out there. Vampire facials too. So, really, is this really all that weird? (Cele|bitchy) 

Unpopular opinion: cotton candy is overrated. I don’t mind a mouthful. But a whole swirl of that sh-t? Be honest. Two bites is all you need – if any at all – of cottony candy. (OMG Blog) 

Well here’s a trend I will not be participating in: the baby blue trend. Apparently baby blue is the sh-t right now. I hate baby blue. I will not change my mind. I’ll be here in everything but baby blue until it passes. Because seriously, answer this question: what is baby blue’s personality? See? THERE IS NONE. (The Cut) 

I just did this Tom Hiddleston quiz that reveals which Tom Hiddleston character you belong with which is basically getting you to answer questions that will make it so that you end up with Loki. I did not end up with Loki. I ended up with the Tom Hiddleston from Kong: Skull Island. I’ve not seen that movie but I’m guessing this isn’t the Tom very many people want to be with so I guess I’m the loser? Or am I still a winner because, again, I haven’t seen the movie. (Buzzfeed)