As expected, and it’s probably what she wanted, Kim Kardashian is being criticised by fashion historians, conservationists, and other experts for her Met Gala Marilyn Monroe stunt…even though the president of the company that manages the Marilyn Monroe estate has approved of what she did. They, however, don’t actually own the dress. Anyway, a reader today shared with me an IG post about the dress that makes the case for why Kim should not have been allowed to wear it. Worth a read. See below. (Dlisted) 


Just like it is at the Oscars, celebrities are styled for the red carpet at the Met Gala but also for the parties afterwards. And for most of them the party outfits are just as elaborate…which… of course. Because sometimes the party outfits are the runners-up to what was eventually chosen for the main event. Tessa Thompson chose pink for the Met Gala and red for the after-party but the common thread was flouffy. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are being cautioned by vampires who are concerned about their blood-drinking and I hope your reaction to this story is the same as mine: who are these vampires?!? I don’t give a sh-t about Megan and MGK right now, I want to know more about the vampires!!! (Cele|bitchy) 


Dogs dressed up as babushkas will always be funny. I’ve never dressed either of my dogs up as babushkas but I’m thinking of it since they’re half Polish so it’s part of their cultural background. After that I’ll throw a giant visor around their heads and explore their Chinese half. (OMG Blog) 

Back in the 2000s, it seemed like every celebrity had a restaurant – Britney, Justin, JLo, Ashton Kutcher, Diddy, Steven Spielberg. All of them have closed. But celebrities are now getting back into the restaurant game. (Eater)