King Charles, Camilla, Prince William, and Kate had another occasion last night to bust out the tiaras. Tiara nights always make headlines because crowns and tiaras are classic royal props. The British royals have had a couple of tiara moments lately and I wonder how many tiara nights we’ll get during the early part of King Charles’s reign. 


Kate’s tiara is getting the most play today because it isn’t one that we’ve seen often. The Lotus Flower Tiara hasn’t been seen since 2015 when she wore it to a state dinner for Xi Jinping. This is Kate’s second tiara trot in three weeks. She wore the Lovers Knot tiara in November at the state dinner for Cyril Ramaphosa. But before, there hadn’t been a tiara night since 2019. Covid, of course, has a lot to do with that. But to go back to my previous point, despite the fact that we are hearing repeatedly that Charles wants to modernise the monarchy, we also know that he loves the performance of it. Let’s see how many tiara parties we’ll be getting over the next couple of years. 

Anyway, the event was at Buckingham Palace for the Diplomatic Reception. Kate wore her tiara with a red Jenny Packham dress, appropriate for the holiday season. It’s pretty, the fit is flawless, but I am most impressed with the hair because… sometimes her hair choices are frustratingly terrible. Especially her updos. This, however, is not terrible at all. And amazingly there’s not a hint of a curl!


Instead, Kate kept it straight, a solid blowout with a middle part, with the hair back-combed at the crown for a more regal effect as opposed to a Coachella vibe, lol, but also the back-combing helps to better support the tiara. You need that stickiness to minimise the risk of slipping. 

But what an amazing coincidence and collision of schedules. Not intentional at all, but the universe does work in crazy ways.