After a slower than normal start to the year, entertainment-wise, April is chock full of stuff coming out in theaters and on TV (then later this year we’ll be hit with another void when we reach the period when all the productions that didn’t happen in 2023 don’t come out). 


Case in point, both Kirsten Dunst and Andrew Scott were at Jimmy Kimmel Live! yesterday, she to promote Civil War, which hits theaters next week, and he to promote Ripley, which drops on Netflix today.


I don’t know if we’re in a full blown Kikiaissance, but it feel like after slowing down her work for a few years—to avoid “sad mom” roles—she’s back with Civil War and her lowkey power couple status with Jesse Plemons, and momentum is going her way. Maybe she doesn’t want it for herself, Kiki has been deliberately low profile and drama-free for over a decade now, but if she DOES, I am here for Kiki to have a hot moment like Anne Hathaway is experiencing. She went away for a bit, now is the time to fall in love with her again! 



As for Andrew Scott, he’s fresh off the success of All of Us Strangers and taking full advantage of being a leading man. We’ll talk Ripley next week, after you’ve had a chance to watch it, but it does continue the case for Andrew Scott being a major leading man. He can do the villain thing (Sherlock), he can do the hetero romantic lead (Fleabag), and he can do the queer romantic lead (All of Us Strangers). There’s very little Andrew Scott CAN’T do. 

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, he and Kiki could co-star in anything from a rom-com to a psychological thriller. Give them their Notting Hill, give them their Silence of the Lambs. Or give them Silence of Notting Hill! Whatever, they should just work together.