Kirsten Dunst has been in New York this week promoting The Beguiled. I wanted to go see The Beguiled tonight with Jacek. Then when I went to buy tickets this morning I found out it doesn’t actually open in Canada until next weekend, which is Canada Day weekend. So heads up if you’re in Canada, see it on the long weekend instead.

Here’s Kiki leaving her hotel today in New York with Jesse Plemons aka Landry. She calls him Landry too. In an interview with USA Today this week, while talking about their engagement, that’s actually how she referred to him:

“I’m marrying Landry!”

This means nothing to you if you’ve not watched Friday Night Lights. And now to the part of our program where I bitch at you for not watching Friday Night Lights. You refused back in the day when it was actually on TV. And then, and then everyone started quoting from it, and it became one of the shows that other actors started referencing – almost every actor – so now what’s your excuse?

In other Kiki news, it was announced yesterday that she’ll be getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is what happened when she told her ma:


My mom's always at Vons

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Maria wanted to know who’ll be at the dedication ceremony, since stars always invite other stars to participate in their star unveiling. Sofia Coppola for sure, right? She and Elle Fanning have become quite close too. And she cast Dakota Fanning in The Bell Jar which she’ll be directing. How about Tom Cruise? He sends her a cake every Christmas. Tobey Maguire? She was Mary Jane to his Peter Parker. And, of course, Landry with whom she worked on Fargo. Maria was wondering about Brad Pitt. I’m gonna say doubtful on that one. Even more doubtful: Jake Gyllenhaal.