Kirsten Dunst was apparently asked to “fix” her teeth for Spider-Man. She does have distinctive teeth. And what’s wrong with distinctive? Her teeth are cute. Sexy even. Super sexy in Marie Antoinette. I love her whole look in that film. But, of course, this goes back to the generic-ness that was once expected in Hollywood. Still now, but it’s slowly changing. You think Johnny Depp’s ever been asked to change his teeth? (Dlisted) 

I really like this outfit on Katharine McPhee. It’s the colours – this pink with the green, especially green in leather. It’s so rich and fresh and luxe, green and pink in general. I’m looking for a swimsuit in exactly these colours but the only ones I can find are palm print and I don’t want a palm print swimsuit. (Go Fug Yourself) 

On a week where the only British royal making headlines is Prince Andrew, PEOPLE decided to run with a cover story about House Cambridge and House Sussex and their feud. Seriously. This issue dropped today – and all we’re talking about is how Prince Andrew’s been benched. Not sure about this editorial decision, especially since there’s nothing new here. (Cele|bitchy) 

Speaking of Prince Andrew, two prison guards have been charged in connection to the death of his friend, the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who died under mysterious circumstances while in federal custody which, in large part, is why all this heat has been on Andrew for the last few months. If Epstein was willing to talk…what would he have said? (TMZ) 

Lots of great Lizzo news today – she leads the Grammy nominations and she’ll perform on Saturday Night Live when Eddie Murphy returns to Studio 8H. I predicted that Lizzo would host the season premiere of SNL and I was wrong. But the Christmas episode, the final one of the year, might be even better. (Pitchfork)