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Earlier today, Sarah posted about how Jared Leto might be getting pissy that Leonardo DiCaprio could turn him into the Fifth Best Joker – or are we now at Sixth? Is that why Jared’s been wearing the bullsh-t that he’s been wearing lately? Because he’s getting territorial over a role? Because he’s trying to remind the studio that he’s the ultimate weirdo? There is nothing weird about trying SO hard to be weird. It actually makes you rather ordinary. Like Ryan Adams declaring his intention to be “punk as f-ck”, as if anyone who’s ever been truly punk has ever said that. (Dlisted)

When you’re stressed out, what’s your ultimate de-stress fantasy? I’m not saying I would never try this. I think I would, if I was allowed to say “no thanks” to the wilderness activities and fishing and cooking. Because I hate eating outside. Like I’ve said before, I can’t even eat on a patio. Eating in the forest is how I see camping. I am allergic to camping. Also, do the glass cabins come with curtains? If not, how do you take naps when it’s so bright outside? Naps are an essential part of de-stressing, non? (Jezebel)

I think I’m going to have to see a little more of Kit Harington dancing. He looks good dancing from just the shoulders up. Which can be deceiving. For example, car dancing. You might think someone can real-dance just by seeing how they car-dance but then, a few weeks later, they throw their legs into it and it’s a crime against rhythm. I’m not saying this will happen with Kit. I just need to be sure. (Just Jared)

After Wonder Woman, Chris Pine became the #1 Chris on the List Of Chrises. But Chris Evans is a competitor. He will not let you declare Chris Pine #1 on the Chris List without a fight. And while Chris Pine got to #1 by playing a character in a movie and being great on SNL, Chris Evans is challenging all that… with his dog. Is it working on you? It might be working on me? (Cele|bitchy)

I think I really really like Kristen Wiig’s hair. It’s severe but it totally suits her. And it definitely works well with the sunglasses. And this dress, such an adorable dress. Look at those pleats! The length of it is perfect. You know what? I don’t mind those wedges either. One of the best looks ever on her. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Oh hey. Me again. That weekly appointment I’ve forced on you to talk to me about Insecure and why you’re not watching it. Did you know about Insecure’s social media footprint? About all the hashtags? About how these hashtags and resulting conversations have become a reflection of the show’s audience – their feelings, their relationships, their own insecurities? Isn’t that what art is supposed to do? Are you watching Insecure? (The Undefeated) 

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