Entertainment Weekly’s releasing cover after cover featuring the cast of Game of Thrones. The first full final episodes trailer for Game of Thrones was released yesterday and here’s Kit Harington in New York on Colbert promoting the end so the countdown is on. We’ve a little over a month to go before the premiere, before HBO owns our Sundays…right? No one is making any plans for six Sundays beginning April 15, right? Given the anticipation – it’s been a year and a half, it’s been a LONG, LONG time – I’m not sure they even need to promote it. Of course they’re going to promote it but, seriously, the hype is there, nobody who cares about Game of Thrones is unaware that it’s coming. We’ve wanted answers for years. And the people who don’t care about Game of Thrones aren’t going to start caring now. Those people are almost militant about the not caring. See Joanna and Sasha. 

Speaking of answers, though, Kit doesn’t have many for Stephen because, as they both point out, he’s not allowed to give any. He’s not even allowed to react to the questions, really, so I guess, the joke here is why he’s even doing press to begin with. The one thing they are all permitted to talk about is the big battle scene, which is not a spoiler. Everyone is waiting for the Ultimate Battle. It was filmed over 55 nights. It could be the most extensive and expensive battle scene ever filmed for TV and movies. Presumably part of the battle scene will involve Kit as Jon Snow riding a dragon, alongside his lover-aunt, Daenerys Targaryen. And that’s probably one of the most important answers we need: what will happen when Jon finds out that they’re related? 

You know what kills me? I get a lot of emails from a certain group of people who are all like… why should it be a problem? Not because they’re specifically condoning incest in real life but because in fictional life, the Jon and Dany romance is their Romeo and Juliet. Which…I get it. This is where the writers were leading us. They baited us to this place. They wanted to make it complicated. That’s what writers do: they give you what you need, not what you want. And that also means that in the last episode of last season, Jon and Daenerys’s love scene was edited deliberately, not to be a fulfillment but as a conflict. It was maybe even a favour, as if they were saying – we are giving you advance warning, maybe you shouldn’t get so attached to these two because, um, it will not end well. Seriously. The list of survivors won’t be long this season and, well, the Love Ballad of Jon and Dany doesn’t seem high on the register.