The Game Of Thrones Season 7 premiere is still four Sundays away. A new trailer was released and as Sarah wrote the other day at this point no one needs any more quotes or previews or whatever. We just need the winter to get going already – on television.

In a new interview with SFX Magazine, Kit Harington talks about what might happen to Jon Snow this season and why he feels differently about the fate of his character than he did last season, when Jon was dead and then not dead:

“I felt safe in season 6 because I thought it would be bad storytelling to kill me in the [same] season I’d been resurrected! But as for seasons beyond 6, it’s back to business. He’s in mortal danger like anyone else.”

Ok but also? Remember before season 6 when he kept lying like, IT’S OVER FOR ME, I’M TELLING YOU! At this point, I’m not sure there’s a point in asking actors from Game Of Thrones what to expect from Game Of Thrones. It’s not like they can tell the truth so they either lie or they say sh-t like “he’s in mortal danger like anyone else”. Which… when ISN’T EVERYONE in mortal danger on Game Of Thrones? Pretty sure we all figured that out in the first season when they cut off Ned’s head.

The question is: are some people in MORE mortal danger than others? Right now I hope Jorah Mormont is at the top of the Mortal Danger list. I f-cking hate Jorah Mormont so much. He’s gross. Why do people like him? He’s pervy. He’s vile. Can he please die as soon as the season starts? The season starts July 16.

OK but here’s the real reason I’m posting about this. Kit with Rose Leslie are at Glastonbury together. So they’re still together. They live together. They were looking to buy a place together in New York. But celebrity relationships are so fragile we need the frequent updates.