Game of Thrones hasn’t even wrapped its final season yet and Kit Harington has already found a side hustle to help him through unemployment. Earlier this week he was pictured selling real Christmas trees in Scotland. WHY? That was my first reaction. Then I read that his fiancé Rose Leslie’s parents own the castle on the grounds where he was selling the trees. Still, WHY? If they own the castle, can’t they afford to hire a squire or two to do this? Can we go back to how Rose Leslie’s parents own a castle? 


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Kit was very nice to the peasants he sold trees to, according to the Daily Mail. He loaded trees into cars and even helped park some cars. One person said, “It was so random, he also showed us to a parking space.” This is hilarious. The possible future Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms is a glorified valet and Santa’s little helper. This story is so ridiculous. 

Kit Harington has never really done it for me. I was all about Khal Drogo until I was all about Rob Stark until I was all about Daario and now, I’m just really into Sansa and Arya’s sisterhood of the travelling badassery. I actually started re-watching GoT from the beginning with my partner recently until I decided I couldn’t live through the lows of that show again. I’m too emotional. I don’t think I’ll survive the Red Wedding twice. My partner disagrees. We’re fighting. 

You know what else we fight about that I swear is related to this post? Christmas trees. We (I) put ours up over the weekend. We pulled it out of storage like we do every year and come January, it will go back into storage as it should. It’s fake and easy and glorious. No mess. No travelling to castles to get Jon Snow’s help to lug a massive tree back to our car. No pine needles all over the floor. Fake trees are the best trees! My partner thinks I’m a Grinch because I love a fake tree. The real vs. fake debate comes up every holiday season. People get heated. My theory is that it’s an immigrants’ kid thing. My parents never understood the concept of bringing a real tree inside, then having to re-buy one every year. This made no sense to them. It still makes no sense to me. 

OK, let’s do this. Let’s fight over Christmas trees? Are you Team Real or Team Fake? Or are you just trying to figure out if Kit Harington and Rose Leslie will be getting married in a castle bigger than Harry and Meghan’s?