Are you ready?

Only five more sleeps until the penultimate season of Game Of Thrones after an extra-long wait. Three months longer than usual. This Sunday is the first episode of season 7, a shortened season with just 7 episodes. Just 7 weeks. So, basically, the second half of summer. And it will end the final weekend of August, a week before Labour Day, as if to say, back to school, suckers!

But, seriously, if you think you’ve been waiting long for this, has it been as long as 20 years? Because that is Alex Cranz’s experience. 20 years. This is a great piece from someone who’s read the books and who’s been able to relive the books through the show and who is grateful to the show for giving her the answer to the questions, certain questions, she’s been asking for a long, long time.

Here’s Kit Harington yesterday at Jimmy Kimmel ahead of the premiere. During the show they aired his “audition” tape from way back, when he tried to be all sorts of other characters. I don’t… think it’s all that funny? Until the end. Obviously.