Chris Evans and Ana de Armas were photographed the other day on the Atlanta set of Ghosted, which is described as a Romancing the Stone-style action adventure romance. I love it when I see Romancing the Stone used as a reference to describe a project – there aren’t enough of these projects, although in a few weeks we’ll be seeing one starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Brad Pitt called The Lost City. 


The other thing that makes me laugh about Romancing the Stone though is that, well, I’m not sure the reference makes sense to anyone under 30. Maybe not even under 40. There’s a whole generation then, maybe even two, that will be using The Lost City and Ghosted as their main reference point for this movie genre. Interestingly (or maybe just to me) Ana and Chris are around the same age as Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas were when they made their film. 

Originally it was Scarlett Johansson who was cast opposite Chris for this project. Ana stepped in when she dropped out but while Chris hasn’t worked in as many movies with Ana as he had with Scarlett, he and Ana are already pretty familiar having starred together in Knives Out and worked together last year on the Russo Brothers’ highly anticipated The Gray Man, reportedly Netflix’s most expensive feature film and due out in July. 


There is, I’m pretty sure, a pretty active corner of the internet that’s been shipping a ChrisAna real-life romance for a while now. Here’s a tweet from back in 2020 when Ana was still with Ben that, trust me, is not the only one of its kind. 


At last check, Ana was dating Paul Boukadakis, a VP at Tinder. They were seen kissing in LA back in December …so about two months ago, and before she and Chris started shooting Ghosted. So now that she and Chris are together every day, well, those who are trying to Gossip Genie them together may have some hope. And so do the tabloids, since they’re always up for some on-set romance rumour mongering. It’ll probably happen again when the two start promoting the movie and show up on the red carpet together. 

As unlikely as a true romance might be, though, I do get it. These two are ridiculously attractive on their own and together, well, it would be Great for Gossip, for sure. The headline writes itself: from Batman to Captain America.