Kristen Stewart is kind of a TIFF regular. I interviewed her here last year for JT LeRoy. She was here for Certain Women in 2016 and Equals in 2015 and On the Road in 2012. There are probably more but you get the point – she knows the festival and she’s familiar enough with the city that she has a few go-to places. Like Hooters. 

It wasn’t her first visit to Hooters in Toronto. She was seen at Hooters a few years ago during TIFF. Clearly she likes it there. The Hooters in Toronto is a block and a half away from where I work which is pretty much festival central. It’s BUSY during TIFF. They block off the area so that people can come downtown for the festival experience. Everyone is everywhere and many of the city’s most popular restaurants are booked out by studios for fancy after-parties. None of them are booking out the Hooters but, maybe, the next time Kristen has a film during TIFF, they should consider having the after-party at Hooters? 

That might be a bad idea as, perhaps, Hooters is her private TIFF place. It’s not like anyone’s looking for celebrities at Hooters and she’s so low key about it, not many people are recognising her and if they are, they’re keying into it too late. I’ve never been to a Hooters anywhere but I’ve always wanted to go to the Hooters down the street because I’m convinced the food is good. Is it good?

It’s not that Kristen only partied at Hooters though, if she was even partying there at all. She did the Hollywood thing, showing up for the Hollywood Reporter/HFPA event with new girlfriend Dylan Meyer. They were seen arriving hand in hand and, inside, they hit up the dance floor and were singing to each other when The Cardigans’ “Lovefool” came on. Great song, great soundtrack. We all have Leo nostalgia. 

Dylan is a screenwriter who also has acting, producing, and directing credits. She’d want to be at TIFF where deals are made and everyone is taking meetings so it’s possible that she was there working too. Is it possible that they’re working together? Kristen’s been writing her own screenplay, an adaptation of Lidia Yuknavitch’s memoir The Chronology of Water. Could you see this becoming a professional partnership too? 

You know who she could and should partner with? Taika Waititi. They hung out at TIFF this weekend and they’re apparently friends. Some people online are now thinking…

KStew in Thor: Love and Thunder? As Valkyrie’s love interest? 

Kristen made headlines last week when she said in her Harper’s Bazaar that she’s been told that if she went out holding hands with her girlfriend in public, she wouldn’t get a Marvel movie.  She clarified those comments at TIFF and said that she was just generalising about conglomerates in general and when asked if she’d ever consider Marvel and what character she would play, her response:

A gay one!”

Taika could totally make this happen.