Kristen Stewart continues her winning streak, supporting Spencer at the BFI London Film Festival yesterday. With her on the red carpet were Sean Harris (lately of The Green Knight), Jack Farthing, who plays Prince Charles, and young actors Jack Nielen and Freddie Spry, who play William and Harry, respectively. The kids don’t really look like William and Harry any more than KStew really looks like Diana, but they do look like they could be the offspring of Stewart’s take on Diana, if that makes sense. Especially Jack Nielen, he looks convincingly like a product of the Charles and Diana in the Spencer trailer. I’m always charmed by this sort of kid-casting. Kudos to the Spencer casting director, Amy Hubbard, for finding those kids. This is the first acting credit for both.


With Spencer about to drop on general audiences around the world, I wonder if the British media and politicians will get as bent out of shape about this as they did the last season of The Crown. Remember how pressed they were about The Crown? It was a full meltdown! Remember when the culture secretary wanted Netflix to put a disclaimer on a work of fiction?! Remember when The Daily Mail was like, But what about Harry & Meghan?! Is Spencer going to open up the floodgates on Harry & Meghan again? Will they demand Pablo Larraín put a disclaimer on his fiction film? Or will the royals, and the media that reports on them, for once actually never complain, never explain?