Both of Kristen Stewart’s new films have had their premieres at Sundance, with Love Me premiering on Friday and Love Lies Bleeding premiering on Saturday.


KStew never really “dresses up” for Sundance, opting for jeans and a jacket on Friday night and a sleeveless shirt and red pants on Saturday. It’s always freezing at Sundance, so I just assume she was cold. Her Love Lies Bleeding co-star Jenna Malone donned a suit jacket, Dave Franco did the least with a beanie, and Katy O’Brien wore a fun sweater vest to their premiere. Is that crochet? It looks like granny squares made into a sweater vest.


Based on weekend buzz, Love Lies Bleeding, which is filmmaker Rose Glass’s follow-up to Saint Maud, is the better received of the two films, though the “Sundance bubble” is real and festival reviews, like the first wave of reviews for a superhero movie, should be taken with a grain of salt. You never really know how Sundance movies will play in the real world. But the mixed-bag reviews for Love Me are a little surprising, Sundance crowds usually love navel-gazing romances about the human condition. I am a little surprised that movie isn’t getting better reviews. Still, she got both of her premieres out of the way early, so KStew can focus on her stated goal of actually watching movies and hanging out at the festival. Novel!