Kristen Stewart is following up her Best Actress season with a new film, a romantic thriller called Love Lies Bleeding from filmmaker Rose Glass and production company A24. Glass and A24 previously worked together releasing her first feature, Saint Maud (very creepy and centered on an excellent performance by the exquisitely named Morfydd Clark, you can stream it on Paramount+ or rent it on Amazon, iTunes, etc.). This is about as classy as it gets, working with a breakout filmmaker on an “elevated horror/thriller” project to be released by A24, one of the only production companies with their own fandom (them and Marvel). They’re the shepherds of films like Everything Everywhere All At Once, After Yang, The Green Knight, Midsommar, Hereditary, Uncut Gems (or as Julia Fox says, Ahn-caht GHAAAMS), The Last Black Man in San Francisco, Eighth Grade, The VVitch, Ex Machina, Slow West, and so on. 


Point is, they have EXCEPTIONAL taste, and Rose Glass made a banger of a first feature, so her sophomore effort is an immediate object of interest. The film is described as “a romance fueled by ego, desire, and the American dream”, set in the world of competitive bodybuilding. KStew will play the “protective lover of a female bodybuilder” and is described as a co-lead, which begs only one question: who will play the bodybuilder? 

Speaking of KStew’s post-nomination moves, her next film on the docket is David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future, confirmed today to premiere at Cannes. The teaser also dropped this morning, and it is weird, as one expects from Cronenberg. KStew’s got a thing pressed to her eye—don’t want to know what that’s about. Probably eyeball sucking, Cronenberg LOVES his body horror. The ending is allegedly a “tough sit” with an anonymous source saying Crimes will be even more divisive than Crash, which split the Croisette back in the 1990s. I expect nothing less from Cronenberg, and look forward to equal reports of boos and ovations from Cannes next month. I do not look forward to watching people get their eyeballs sucked out, or stitched closed, or anything else, but that is Cronenberg’s whole bag, so, ugh. Brace yourself for some weird eyeball sh-t starring Viggo Mortensen, Lea Seydoux, and Kristen Stewart.