The Netflix division of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Defenders, had a premiere in New York last night, for their upcoming team-up series which starts streaming later this month. Everyone turned out—except for Sigourney Weaver, who doesn’t need to—and my best-dressed prize goes to Mike Colter for understanding tailoring, something none of his male cohort appears to appreciate. Honorable mention goes to Krysten Ritter, who really knows what looks good on her, but there’s something odd about the combination of the shark-bite sized cutout on her dress and the belt.

The Defenders screened its first episode at Comic-Con, and it was generally well-received, and one of the big selling points of the team-up is that everyone sh*ts on Iron Fist. Did you watch Iron Fist? I couldn’t even finish it. It’s the first real misfire of the Netflix/Marvel venture, and unsurprisingly, after a much-derided first season, it’s changing showrunners for season two. Sure, that will fix the problem, which is chiefly that you cast the wrong person as Iron Fist. Another change for Iron Fist? A shorter season, likely eight to ten episodes. So, they know they sh*t the bed and they’re trying to clean up the mess, but the real problem remains Finn Jones being wildly miscast.

Still, people are stoked for The Defenders, not least because Jon Bernthal will pop in as The Punisher—his own series debuts later this year. Honestly, I’m mostly looking forward to Jessica Jones sh*tting on everyone else in the group, and Sigourney Weaver as the villain. Also, Rosario Dawson apparently has a lot of screen time, which is always welcome. (Dawson was going to star in an X-Men spin-off, but she dropped out.) It will be interesting to see, over the next year, which people end up enjoying more: The TV Avengers team up, or the massive actual Avengers all-division mash-up next summer.