The MTV Video Music Awards are happening tonight. For pop culture students, the VMAs have historically been a major event on the gossip calendar. Those of us from a certain generation grew up on VMAs moments. In the last decade or so, the VMAs make up for two or three sh-t years in a row with a moment that we can’t stop talking about. Like Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Or Beyoncé showing up on the red carpet surprise-announcing that she was pregnant, making everyone and everything else irrelevant. The last two VMAs, I think?, have been kind of boring. So, maybe, we’re due for some fire tonight. I’m saying this because we are planning our coverage and I’m trying to decide how much of tomorrow’s site to dedicate to the show. Obviously there’s already space dedicated to Missy. But if some of the other performances and the outfits are boring, this is your heads up that we will be using our energy judiciously. Not sure if you’ve noticed but Prince Andrew is hoping we’ll forget about the time he cosplayed Mr Belvedere at pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s house while girls came and went throughout the day. 

The men of the Kardashian-Jenners love giving the women cars for their birthdays and anniversaries. Sofia Richie, though she doesn’t have the last name, is now a member of the family by association. And for her 21st birthday, she was blessed with a vehicle. Which makes no sense to me because these people don’t drive. I’ll tell you why they don’t drive. Driving can mess with your hair and makeup. You have to turn your head to drive. And when you turn your head, you can f-ck up your hair. When you drive, you  have to focus, which means sometimes your face moves. And you sweat more from the focus. And that can f-ck up your makeup. Seriously, how often do you ever see these people driving the cars they were gifted? (Dlisted) 

Kumail Nanjiani works out a lot now. He says he’s obsessed. His efforts are visible. Kumail was at D23 for Eternals this weekend and his shirt could barely contain him. And his wife, Emily V Gordon, is thrilled about this. Adorably. Please protect this couple. (Pajiba) 

Prince Andrew wants you to forget about his mess of a letter and Jeffrey Epstein so please, if you could do him a favour, please care about Princess Beatrice maybe getting married in Italy. Should you fail that request, remember the time he brought his friend, Jeffrey Epstein, who for years preyed on girls, over to Balmoral and Windsor Castle, the Queen’s residences, and risked Her Majesty associating with that scumbag? How come nobody from the Daily Mail and the Sun are yelling at him about this? (Cele|bitchy) 

We posted a couple of shots of Elle Fanning in the Angelina Jolie post today but I want to spend some time here on Elle’s outfit because… I know it’s a lot, but I also don’t hate it because it’s basically a twisted pink princess dress. Twisted princess. It’s style experimentation as opposed to just basic prom. Great. I’ll take that any day over basic prom. (Go Fug Yourself) 

There were no updates on Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s divorce this weekend. But… Miley is performing at the VMAs tonight and the song is “Slide Away”, which is about why she no longer wanted to be married to Liam so, yes, this will probably be part of our coverage tomorrow. (JustJared)