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The Hollywood premiere of Marvel’s Eternals was last night – one of the biggest premieres we’ve seen since the start of the pandemic – and we’ll have coverage of that throughout the morning but let’s kick it off with Kumail Nanjiani who got an assist from his mother, Shabana, for his look. Kumail tells The Hollywood Reporter that:


“I wanted to wear a Sherwani because 1. They look awesome and 2. My costume in the film always reminded me of sherwanis. And I wanted to use a designer in Pakistan, not just a Pakistani designer in the U.S. So I called my mom, she gave me names of three amazing designers in Pakistan.”

From there, Kumail’s stylist, Jeanne Yang, ended up working with Umar Sayeed Couture, based in Karachi, for this exquisite custom gold and purple paisley-print sherwani. He looks AMAZING. And most importantly it seems like he felt amazing. Being a superhero, in a Marvel movie, represents more than just a paycheque for Kumail. It’s the fulfillment of a personal dream. He also knows that seeing him on screen in this role could represent the beginning of a dream for so many others. On this night, then, his outfit was more than just a photo opportunity. The outfit is a symbol of both hopes realised and hopes that are beginning to take shape. 

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