Typically at an award show, we talk about fashion. And there was a carpet last night at the VMAs but obviously it wasn’t much of a display, not at all really. The only fashion story worth talking about then is probably Lady Gaga. There was a LOT of Lady Gaga last night, and for some people, it was Lady Gaga overkill. I didn’t mind it though, not this year. Because this year, for this show in particular, you need Gaga’s over-the-topness. Her drama, her camp, her theatricality – all that was essential for a VMAs without a real audience and so much pre-taped content. 


MTV could rely on Gaga to change countless times, and to come to the podium to accept countless awards, playing up the illusion that she wasn’t speaking to a room that was largely empty, with people socially distanced. Gaga can do that. And somehow she made it fresh every time. Because she’s not intimidated by artifice. Rather, as we’ve seen time and again through her career, she revels in it – she subverts it, she molds it, she creates it, internalises it, and spits it back out in a new form. 

So on a night when everyone was trying to pretend that they could do this, that they could make a live show feel live even though it wasn’t all that live, and talk to an audience they largely couldn’t see, who better than Gaga to be your Spectacle in Chief? 


Which artist is more suited for it in this masked era?! 

As she said…

So in these times, when masks are our most vital accessory, of course it had to be Gaga to bring it with the mask energy…because on her, after all these years of seeing her in all her costuming, Gaga taking the stage in mask after mask, not showing her face once, actually seemed…

Kinda normal!


Think about it. How different is a multi-masked Gaga from a meat dressed Gaga? If you didn’t know about the pandemic and this was 2017 or whatever, and someone showed you a shot of Gaga from last night, would you be shocked? Or would you be like… yeah, that tracks, seems about right….?