Lady Gaga was nominated in the Best Actress category at the BAFTAs and at the Critics Choice Awards last night. Instead of staying home in LA, she chose to head to London for the BAFTAs and attend the CCAs via the London outpost like so many other nominees. The last time Gaga was nominated for a BAFTA was in 2019, for her work in A Star is Born – she eventually won in the Best Original Music category but she was unable to attend because the BAFTAs that year, as they often are, were on the same night as the Grammys. Gives you some idea, then, of what last night at the BAFTAs would have meant to her. 


Two award shows… two dresses… 

And both of Gaga’s looks were spectacular and suited to each specific event. For the BAFTAs Gaga went with Ralph Lauren, in dark green velvet, and her signature boots, just to give the whole thing some personality and edge. I love how the velvet is weaved together with tulle to create those bands across the dress so that the effect is like she’s wrapped in seaweed – in the best way possible. 

For the CCAs, Gaga wore Gucci. Who else could pull this off. Below the ribcage this is pretty standard, right? A golden gown embellished around the waist, the black hem is an interesting feature that I’m not sure is entirely necessary, and even the lace sleeves to shoulders is pretty standard. But then, the velvet breast cups. Which I’m not mad at, because it’s definitely not boring and, like I said, it’s just so perfectly her. But I wonder if she’s sore today. Because you cannot slouch, not even for a moment, in a dress like this. 


As for the date part of it – Gaga attended both events with Michael Polansky. They’ve been together for over two years now but this relationship has been much lower profile than her last when ex-fiancé Christian Carino seemed to be all over her through part of the ASIB award season run. She actually broke up with him just before the Oscars and it was rumoured that the reason was that he “infringed on her creative process”. Definitely a different energy, at least publicly, between Gaga and Michael. He was seated with her at the BAFTAs and the CCAs but there was no other posing or photo taking, at least not that I can see. Maybe he actually doesn’t give a sh-t about being in her spotlight.