Lady Gaga is at home in New York and was seen yesterday exiting Milk Studios in a fitted black dress with those monster heels. Like literally a foot tall, right? We’ve seen them on her before, on many occasions, but I’m not sure I’ve talked specifically about them on the site – and what benefits they provide, beyond style. Are they easy to walk in? The platform helps for sure. But still, this is a foot-high block. So the platform is a necessity because it’s not like she can actually elevate herself on her toes up to that height. 


Speaking of height, Gaga is short, 5 ft 2, although some people put her at slightly less. I’m not tall either – 5 ft 3 – and I say this because when you’re as short as we are, wearing heels like this looks different than, say, they would look on Nicole Kidman. We don’t have as much vertical real estate. Which means a foot-high shoe is almost 25% of our body length.   

For Gaga though, I wonder if the added height helps with her job. They say that posture matters for a vocalist. So if you’re in the booth and singing and you’re standing this tall… maybe it’s an assist with her technique? She’s at the studio so she’s clearly working on something. Is it a track for House of Gucci or a new album? 

In other Gaga news – from an expected source…


The Olympics! 

Did you hear about the Gaga doppelganger competing in taekwondo? Her name is Julyana Al-Sadeq who represents Jordan. Check it out, do you see the similarity? 


I think it was just that angle though, because front on, there’s not that much of one. 

Julyana Al-Sadeq of Team Jordan reacts after being defeated by Milena Titoneli of Team Brazil during the Women's -67kg Taekwondo Round of 16 contest on day three of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Makuhari Messe Hall on July 26, 2021 in Chiba, Japan