We will talk about Lady Gaga at the inauguration tomorrow. But before the inauguration, she arrived in DC in white, a caped coat, and a lot of people are calling it a Star Wars-inspired look. I didn’t see it at first but the photoshopping really helps nail the point. (Dlisted) 


In celebration of the inauguration, the Fug Girls are flashing back to “inaugural” celebrity looks at major events. Do you remember what Rihanna wore to her first Grammys? It was green and not a bad dress – certainly still wearable today, but not by her. She’s pushed her personal style way beyond this now. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Wait…wait…wait…what? There might be a Lindsay Lohan angle to Tiffany Trump’s engagement? I don’t think her father will be helping out financially with the wedding, do you? Except it’ll probably be at one of his golf courses – if, that is, he still owns any golf courses since, you know, the lawsuits are coming soon. And the possibility of prison. (Cele|bitchy) 


I am… curious about how this fart pad works. It seems thick, and less flexible than a maxi-pad, and worn on the outside of your underwear. Which means it probably leaves lines or shows up in your pants as an ass bulge. How bad must your farts be if you need this? Because the quickest way to neutralise a fart is… like isn’t that what air is supposed to do? Isn’t this thing more like a fart TRAPPER?! (OMG Blog) 

In light of what we witnessed today, it might be worthwhile to revisit Jemele Hill’s piece on Vice President Kamala Harris from back in November when the election was won. (The Atlantic)