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Lainey’s current fave, Heartstopper, has been renewed for two more seasons. (Popsugar)


A flight attendant from SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space/tourism/grift business, was paid $250,000 after Musk pressured her to have sex with him and exposed himself to her. Hmm, probably has something to do with why didn’t want to go through with that Twitter background check for board members. This is not a funny story, it’s yet another example of a rich and powerful man throwing his fiduciary weight around to get away with bad behavior, but it is a LITTLE funny that one of the bribes he offered the flight attendant to sleep with him was to BUY HER A HORSE. I would love to know the thought process behind that. Does he just assume every girl likes horses? (DListed)

A passel of posers congregated on the Croisette. (Go Fug Yourself)

This is just going to bother me. Not the constant picking on Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan for every little thing they do, I’m inured to that by now. No, it’s referring to them as “proto-Kardashians” because they’ve made a docuseries about their lives for Netflix. “Proto” means “precursor”, so several people at the Daily Mail dropped the ball on that one from the writer to however many editors had eyeballs on it before publication (which isn’t surprising, I guess). They would more correctly be called “post-Kardashian”. It’s still a low blow, but at least it’s grammatically correct. (Celebitchy)


The most excellently named Meecham Whitson Meriweather is doing the goddess’s work this silly Friday, imagining projects that could join the forces of Internet Daddy Oscar Isaac and Internet Boyfriend Jake Johnson on screen. I would watch Alfa Beta Tango one hundred times in theaters. I would never get enough of the adventures of Frank Juevos and Hugh Jass. This is now all I am thinking about for the rest of the day. (Vulture)