There was no contest. From the moment I saw those shots, there was absolutely no contest. 

Did you see Lakeith Stanfield last night?! 

Look, while we’ve all been pointing out that women on the red carpet should be #AskedMore than just what they’re wearing first and only, we also know how much the fashion industry looks forward to this night, and how much men’s fashion has advanced in the past decade. So I am delighted that LaKeith Stanfield wasn’t just my best dressed because of the colour or cut of his suit, but because he did a whole actual look – and it took my breath away. 


Look at this. It’s custom Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. It is incredibly deliberate, it is all about the details, and – this is my absolute favourite part – it has a point of view. 

If anything could define LaKeith Stanfield characters, that’s it. The first time they appear on your screen, they have a worldview and a way they function in it, and in just about every case, they also have a very specific sartorial worldview – and I have to imagine that’s because LaKeith wants it that way. 


If I have a complaint about the people watching in London, it’s that the seats were so high they obscured most of the outfits, so we didn’t get to see them in all their glory, or in motion – however, this shot from Vanity Fair more than makes up for it: 

Those military breast pockets. The uniform display of the collar. I would be absolutely fine believing that this whole outfit was conceived with an eye toward this pose, this shot, this night. It’s an outfit worthy of LaKeith Stanfield, who’s less underappreciated than he is under-comprehended, and it makes me really quite delighted, and on one of the weirdest nights of all Oscars ever, this is an unqualified joy.